Feed The Band

Feed the Band

On weeknight football game days, students do not have much time between the end of class and when they must report back to school for inspection and pre-game rehearsal. Food is not permitted on the buses or at the game, so the only opportunity for students to have a meal before the game is in this small time window. For this reason, the KCBA hosts the Feed the Band Program which provides students the opportunity to purchase a meal on game days. The meal will be paid for in advance, and a KCBA volunteer will deliver it to them at school after the school day ends and with enough time to eat before rehearsal starts.

On registration day, students and parents have the opportunity to pre-pay for game-day meals for the season ($81 - optional) and contest meals ($45 - required). Meals typically include a sandwich, chips, cookies, and a bottled water. The vendor may vary but typically includes Chick-Fil-A and Raising Cane's.

Meals may also be purchased on a week to week basis by having your student bring $9 CASH ONLY to school the week of the game by 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday (for Thursday night games) or Wednesday (for Friday night games). Place the money in an envelope with the student's first and last name and "Feed the Band" on the outside and have your student deposit in the KCBA box on the wall outside the band office in the band hall.